Kumiko Yamaguchi just graduated from college with a goal of becoming a teacher. She succeeds in becoming a math teacher for an all-boys high school. The only issue is that the school is overrun with delinquents. Continue reading Gokusen


Love Attack

Chiemi Yusa’s high school record is far from perfect. She’s already been suspended twice for fighting, and she’s not even half-way through her first year! In danger of getting expelled for starting yet another brawl, her teacher approaches her with an unexpected offer: get her classmate Akifumi “Deranged Devil” Hirata, the nastiest fighter in the whole school, to clean up his act, and her record will officially be cleared. Continue reading Love Attack

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

This one is quite interesting of an anime. It ‘s like a parody of sailor moon and the characters are aware of it in a way. This anime is about a group of boys in a club called The Earth Defense Club at Binan High School, which is an all male high school, that is really them all sitting around doing absolutely nothing. After their lovely club “activities”, they all usually go to a bathhouse that it run by the brother of one of the boys, yellow hair & pink eyes in picture. Continue reading Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!