Gakuen Alice

Alternative Names: Alice Academy Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Shoujo, Supernatural Chapters: 180 Status: Finished Mikan Sakura, an oblivious girl, is best friends with a genius, Hotaru Imai. After becoming best friends, Hotaru is transferring to a school in Tokyo for gifted students. They promise to keep in contact, but that becomes one sided and Mikan writes letter after letter and nevers receives a reply. … Continue reading Gakuen Alice

The One

When Cane Lele reaches the age of seventeen, her aunt Ye Feihung decided to get her into the world of modeling, just like Lele’s parents. Through modeling, Lele eventually gets signed to a company in New York. There, she has frequent run ins with her hero’s twin brother, Eros Lanson. This is the story of Lele’s rise to the top of the modeling world as well as her growing relationship with Eros. Continue reading The One

Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen

Meteora, the Northern Kingdom, and Canaan, the Southern Kingdom, have been at war. To stop the war and bring peace back to the land, the northern prince Johanne d’Meteora and the southern princess Euda Amaluna el Canaan Judecca decide to tell everyone that they are in love. The two countries sign a treaty and Johanne and Euda moved to a city on the border. However, there is one problem, Euda and Johanne hate each other. Continue reading Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen

The World is Still Beautiful

In a distant universe, the Sun King Livius Orvinus Ifrikia conquered the world in three years and currently rules over the world. In exchange for leaving the Rain Dukedom alone, a princess of the dukedom must marry the Sun King. Nike Remercier, the fourth princess with the power to call the rain, sets forth to the Sun Kingdom. When she reaches her new home, she discovers that the Sun King is a child and it turns out he has alternative motives for wanting to marry a princess of the Rain Dukedom. Continue reading The World is Still Beautiful