Gakuen Alice

Alternative Names: Alice Academy

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Shoujo, Supernatural

Chapters: 180

Status: Finished

Mikan Sakura, an oblivious girl, is best friends with a genius, Hotaru Imai. After becoming best friends, Hotaru is transferring to a school in Tokyo for gifted students. They promise to keep in contact, but that becomes one sided and Mikan writes letter after letter and nevers receives a reply. When Mikan’s had enough, she makes a decision. She is going to transfer to the school for the gifted too. Welcome to Alice Academy.

There are so many unique and interesting characters in this manga that it is simply to much to go into detail about every single one, so I’ll just be covering the three main characters, Mikan Sakura, Hotaru Imai and Natsume Hyuuga. This whole adventure started because of Hotaru, so let’s start there. Hotaru is considered a genius who can create anything she puts her mind to. She also has a lot of common sense. Like your typical genius, she is an introvert that has difficulty showing emotions, which is easy to see considering she primarily has one face throughout the manga. Even though it looks like she doesn’t care about Mikan, she considers Mikan her only true friend. Next up is Natsume. He is interesting in the fact that he is understood and misunderstood at the same time. While Hotaru has the power of invention, Natsume has the power of fire. His power is unbelievably powerful to the point that he is in the dangerous class of students. He’s also pretty intelligent and has some good common sense. Natsume is quick to anger, but does show other emotions unlike Hotaru. Even though he does show emotions, he isn’t easy to read. Lastly, there’s Mikan. Mikan, unlike the other two, is not the brightest and is probably the most gullible. She’s also extremely easy to read, since it’s made plain on her face. Her power is unknown to her and even though she figures it out eventually, she’s still not sure how to use it. Out of all the characters, she is the most surprising with something new developing around each corner. She’s the type of character that drama and bad situations are drawn to.

This manga is rather interesting. The plot is simple, but the detail and thought put into it is extremely complicated. The story is pretty typical in the sense that there is an enemy that you have to fight, but it is thorough. Also, there is so much thought put into each character. Each one having their own power, intensity and ways to use that power. They are so unique and keeping track of all the characters had to be…well I’m not sure. The character relationships definitely developed throughout the series. Looking back, there is a big difference between the relationship in the beginning and the end. You hardly notice it while you go through the manga. The atmosphere of the manga is rather dark. There is comedy and it’s overall lighthearted, but with the big picture plot, the manga feels like it’s haunted behind the scenes. However, the characters bring  a lot of personality to the manga and make it a good, solid read. I have to rate it as an 8 out of 10.


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