Kaze No Stigma

In the past, the Kannagi family made a pact with the spirit king of fire and in return earned the power to manipulate fire. Kazuma Yagami used to be a member of Kannagi clan until he was kicked out because of his inability to control fire. Years later, Kazuma returns to Japan. Continue reading Kaze No Stigma



In a world similar to ours, teenagers are falling ill with a disease. However, it’s not your typical disease with fevers and side affects of the like. This gives people special abilities. One such person is Yu Otosaka who has the ability to slip into people‚Äôs minds and fully control their body for five seconds. Instead of using his power for good, he has been using this to cheat on tests to get the highest grades as well as enter a prestigious high school. Eventually, he’s caught by Nao Tomori and forced to transfer to Hoshinoumi Academy, a special school dedicated to protecting those with supernatural abilities. Nao is the president of the student council, which is tasked with tracking down others with powers, and forces Yu to join them. Continue reading Charlotte