One Punch Man

There are a lot of great and amazing anime out there with a lot of work being put into them. They have the ability to make people laugh and smile and sometimes cry (cause they killed off my favorite character…again). There are others that make people want to pull out their hair in frustration due to a cliff hanger or just lack of comprehension. Some … Continue reading One Punch Man

Gakuen Alice

Alternative Names: Alice Academy Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Shoujo, Supernatural Chapters: 180 Status: Finished Mikan Sakura, an oblivious girl, is best friends with a genius, Hotaru Imai. After becoming best friends, Hotaru is transferring to a school in Tokyo for gifted students. They promise to keep in contact, but that becomes one sided and Mikan writes letter after letter and nevers receives a reply. … Continue reading Gakuen Alice


In the future, the world is at the edge of a crisis. Novas are attacking earth. They can show up at anytime and anywhere and the only effective weapons that human race have are the Pandora. Pandora are girls who are compatible with stigmatas, which allow them to produce weapons to fight against the Novas. If a matured stigmata is implanted in a guy, he will become a Limiter, who can assist a Pandora when she’s fighting. Pandoras and Limiters are taught around the world how to fight in special schools called Genetics. Kazuya Aoi just transferred to West Genetics and there he’ll meet the one referred to as ‘The Untouchable Queen,’ Satellizer el Bridget. Continue reading Freezing